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Thursday 17th June, 2010 www.sqnz.org.nz
4.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

(speaker starts around 4:15pm)

Equinox House

5th floor

111 The Terrace or 222 Lambton Quay


Topic: Methodology Wars: The Return of the Developer

A lot of fuss is made of one methodology versus another, and there are lots of gurus and IT services companies who will assure you that their methodology is at least one of the keys which can unlock the door to project salvation.

In my humble opinion, it is possible to fail using any methodology. That’s quite easy; the Dark Side of the Force is everywhere. It is also possible to succeed with different methodologies. A project can also succeed in spite of, rather than because of the methodology. So what’s the key? Is it the methodology or something underlying it? Can we find the Good Side?

In this talk I will draw on my experience in Wellington is software development. I have seen and been part of many projects, using different or ostensibly the same methodologies; some very successful projects and some not so successful. I want to identify some elements that contributed to or impeded their success. This is not going to be an academic and rigorous comparison of methodologies.

I will be opinionated, and will be quite happy if some healthy discussion results.

About our Presenter:

Jim Walmsley is Chief Architect at Business Intelligence Systems Software (BIS2), developing the vizbybis2 Business Intelligence Super Graphics product. He has been a Developer for 18 years, working with Java for the last nine years. Along the way he has also been a Team Leader, Quality Manager and Project Manager.

Target audience for this session:

BAs  ** Architects, Developers  *** Managers/Team Leads   *** Students    ** Testers    **

*** Directly applicable         ** Relevant           * Of interest

Please RSVP to Secretary@SQNZ.org.nz

or to the email address that sent you this

There is currently no charge to attend SQNZ events

Advance notice of next meeting: Thursday 19th August 2010

Mark Carroll (021 762 525) Yolanda van Dorrestein (04 494 3744)
President Secretary

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This is our first ‘international speaker’ for the WLG Team systems users group ! We are very lucky to have Australian based Anthony Borton speaking to us for our next session. Anthony recently organised a successful ALM conference in Australia and is working with us to have a similar event here in Wellington around April of next year. I’d like to thank Anthony personally for making some of his holiday time available to us whilst he is here. This talk will be of interest to developers and testers.


Xero, Level 1, 98 Customhouse Quay, Wellington


Monday 21 June 2010 6:00 p.m , should be finished by 7:30pm

Title:  Coded UI tests in Action

For developers, it is easy to focus testing efforts on unit tests and leave the rest to dedicated testers. Learn how this has changed with the new Coded UI Tests in Visual Studio 2010. Now developers can create automated UI tests in code and have them run as part of our automated builds. In this session you will learn how developers can write effective and maintainable Coded UI tests and increase the quality of their application.

Speaker BIO

Anthony Borton is the lead ALM Consultant/Trainer for Enhance ALM Pty Ltd, an Australian consulting and training company specializing in Application Lifecycle Management and Microsoft Visual Studio. He has been working with Visual Studio Team System full-time since 2005. Anthony is a Microsoft MVP (Visual Studio ALM) and Australia’s first Professional Scrum Developer Trainer. He is also the president of the QLD ALM users group and maintains a blog at http://www.myalmblog.com

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