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Thursday 21st October, 2010 www.sqnz.org.nz
4.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

(speaker starts around 4:15pm)

Equinox House

5th floor

111 The Terrace or 222 Lambton Quay



Topic: Architecture and TOGAF – Why architects look at life differently

TOGAF methodology is used widely within New Zealand and architects look differently at life, so how can everyone else in the world understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and why should I listen?  This session will take a look at the architecture methodologies and TOGAF in particular, looking at how the basics of the methodology and how using this methodology contributes to the overall quality of a solution.  Architecture is about communication so the different models, activities or documents architects produce need to be understood by the many and varied audience they are targeted to.

About the Presenter:

Julian Downs is the manager of ICT strategy and planning at Contact Energy, with experience in architecture across many different industries.  In his current role he leads the portfolio management office, enterprise architecture, finance and governance teams across Contact.





Target audience for this session:

BAs  ** Architects, Developers  *** Managers/Team Leads   ** Students    ** Testers    **

*** Directly applicable         ** Relevant           * Of interest


Please RSVP to Secretary@SQNZ.org.nz

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There is currently no charge to attend SQNZ events


Advance advance notice of next meeting: Thursday 17th February 2011

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